writer / director


15 min I drama I DK, GER I 2023
Currently in post-production.

Dana welcomes art student Penelope to her home
to participate in her performance. The meeting
between both women takes an unexpected turn for Dana
and leaves her disturbed.
To find out what actually has happened between them,
Dana musters up the courage to meet Penelope
at the opening of her graduation show.

director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt
producer: Asbjørn H. Kjelstrup
cinematography: Roxana Reiss
editing: Josefine Svenningsen
sound design: Juuso Oksala
composer: Leslie Ming
cast: Sara Klein Larsen, Emilie Claudius Kruse,
Lisa Carlehed, Mathias Broe

produced by Super16, Frau Film and North Ship Film
with the support of Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film Fonden


15 min I musical I DK, GER I 2022

When she discovers a mysterious crack
in the fundament of her workplace at the
Copenhagen Opera,cleaner Angeli goes on alert
and sets out on a Kafkaesque odyssey for help:
No one in the building listens to her,
everyone follows the motto ‘the show must go on’
by heart. The water keeps rising and Angeli
has to find a way to make her voice count
in this supernatural doomsday musical.

director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt, Andrea Winding
producer: Laura Valentiner-Bohse,
Sidsel Filipsen
cinematography: Mia Mai Dengsø Gråbæk
editing: Matilda Henningsson, Anni Tiainen
sound design: Jonathan Franz Kaiser, Hannah Zwennes
composer: Toke Odin Brorson, Jesper Ankarfeldt
lyricist: Hilke Rönnfeldt
cast: Danica Curcic, Tammi Øst, Ellaha Lack, Afshin Firouzi

produced by Super16, isaac productions, North Ship Film
with the support of Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film Fonden
and the Copenhagen Filmworkshop

Odense International FF, 2022
Aesthetica International FF York, 2022
Leuven International Short FF, 2022
International SF Week Regensburg, 2023
Landshut SFF, 2023
Filmfest SH Kiel, 2023
GoShort – ISFF Nijmegen, 2023
Filmfest Bremen, 2023


12 min I drama I DK, GER I 2021

A fence is built between Denmark and Germany
to separate wild boars from domestic farm pigs,
to avoid the spreading of a deadly swine influenza.
Ebba wakes, just an arm length away
from her girlfriend Jona, the reminiscence
of her dream about separation and a longing
for unity takes its toll on them.

director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt
producer: Asta Stuhr
cinematography: Roxana Reiss
editing: Matilda Henningsson
sound design: Diana Queirós
composer: Julius Pollux Rothlaender, Sigurlaug Thorarensen
cast: Lisa Carlehed, Emilie Claudius Kruse

produced by Super16, Astar Film, North Ship Film
with the support of Nordisk Film, Nordisk Film Fonden and Erasmus+

Interview Saarländischer Rundfunk (in German)
Interview Filmfest Bremen (in German)

Review Encounters

Odense International FF, 2021
Warsaw International FF, 2021
Gent International FF, 2021
Amandus FF Lillehammer, 2021
Minimalen Short FF, 2022
– Best Nordic Film 2022
Polarize Nordic Film Nights, 2022
Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis, 2022
Göteborg International FF, 2022
Films de Femmes Créteil, 2022
Frauen Film Fest Cologne, 2022
– Director of Photography Award
2ANNAS FF Riga, 2022
Filmfest Bremen, 2022
Landshut SFF, 2022
LGBT+ Film Festival Poland, 2022
Vienna Shorts IFF, 2022
Filmfest SH Kiel, 2022
ELBEDOCK FF Dresden & Prag, 2022
Leiden SFF, 2022
MIX IFF Milano, 2022
Love & Anarchy Helsinki IFF, 2022
Encounters FF Bristol, 2022
Reykjavík IFF, 2022
Luststreifen FF Basel, 2022
MIX LGBTQ+ FF Copenhagen, 2022
Thessaloniki ISFF, 2022
Montréal Fest. du Nouveau Cinéma, 2022
Accessible FF Ankara, 2022
– Best Director Award
Nordic Film Days Lübeck, 2022
Northern Wave FF, 2022
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, 2022
Cologne Short FF, 2022
Festival Aguilar de Campoo, 2022
Ibiza Cinema Fest, 2023


TESTKAMMER – Review & Interview
CINESUD.nl – Review

19 min I drama I ICE, DK, GER I 2019

Teenager Saga lives with her mother Hildur
on a remote trout farm in the Icelandic fjords.
Summer has come to an end and, as the days become
colder and darker, Saga observes her mother
drifting deeper into her own darkness.
One stormy night tragedy strikes.

director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt
producer: Anna Sæunn Ólafsdóttir, Julie Mai Laursen, Hilke Rönnfeldt
cinematography: Nicholas Bluff
editing: Fanni Liv Engelbrecht
sound design: Vili Laitinen, Ville Katajala
composer: Herdís Stefansdóttir
cast: Helena Heðinsdóttir Jørgensen, Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir,
David Bredin, Hafsteinn Thor

produced by NyArk Media, North Ship Film
with the support of Filmworkshop Kiel,
Copenhagen Filmworkshop and the Culture Fund Iceland

Reykjavík International FF, 2019
Tallinn Black Nights FF, 2019
Northern Wave FF, 2019
Arctic Open Russia FF, 2019
– Best Original Screenplay
Film Festival Max-Ophüls, 2020
Baltic Motion Berlinale, 2020
Tromsø International FF, 2020
Motovun FF, 2020
Blue Sea FF Rauma, 2020
Shift FF Limburg, 2020
– Best International Short Film
Helsinki Love & Anarchy FF, 2020
Nordic Film Days Lübeck, 2020
Cologne Short FF, 2020
Schleswig-Holstein Film Fest, 2020
Bremen International FF, 2021
Filmfest Dresden, 2021


7 min I drama I ICE I 2016
Anna arrives for her closing shift at a public pool.
An odd encounter with a swimmer disturbs her daily routine.
Her shift ends, but thoughts are spinning around her head.
Who pulls the strings in her life?
The events of the day provoke her to reassess
the lanes she wants to take in life. 

director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt
producer: Hilke Rönnfeldt
cinematography: Erlendur Sveinsson
editing: Ria Pietzner
sound design: Jón Steinar Jónsson
composer: Sebastian Burton
cast: Saga Garðarsdóttir, Rúnar Guðbrandsson, Guðmundur Ólafsson, Sigurður Arent Jónsson

Reykjavík International FF, 2017
Helsinki Love & Anarchy FF, 2017
Aarhus Independent Pixels FF, 2017
Schleswig-Holstein Film Fest, 2017


Hilke Rönnfeldt, born by the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Germany with Danish-Icelandic roots, graduated as a screenwriter at Swedish Alma Education and as a film director at independent film school collective Super16 in Copenhagen.

She is a Berlinale Talents, Interfilm Script & Pitch, Pustnik Residency and European Short Pitch alumna.

Her work revolves around life in rural communities, intimacy, isolation and the sea. She has a strong faith in the poetic capabilities of the image.